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www.citehr.com for an HR specific forum
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just for the record you get your Tshirts, sweatshirts and suits....but u pay for em all
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Well said dude. In the long run this action is similar to burying all the hard work done in building these IIMs and IITs. Its the private colleges that are going to be the biggest winners out of this entire exercise.
I wonder though if this reservation would actually stand judicial scrutiny.
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will get u the MIB figures soon. MHROD we get purely HR profiles while for MIB they get either Marketing or Finance profiles. Please note MIB is a dual specialisation in Marketing and Finance with an International Business angle. But the jobs on campus are either Mark or Fin oriented.
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: xmas has come in early simon! congratulations mate!
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yep results are out. best of luck to those who made it and good luck to those on the wait list
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happy bday zingo happy bday ziiingo happy bday zingo bhai happy bday to you! :
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The results will be out on the notice board tomorrow people.
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good luck to all!
Putting up the orientation ppt that was shown to the candidates!
zip file
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No GD is not an elimination round
Here are the MHROD placement figures for this year. Its provisional as the process is not yet complete.
Highest 6 lakhs pa
Average 4.5 lakhs
Lowest 2,8 lakhs
All figures quoted are CTC. The nos are subject to change when we confirm the figures of t...