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For those who have read the earlier post, this ones also about NGOs. But theres a difference, this article is about Abodh Aras, a graduate from Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mumbai, who is today Chief Executive Office (CEO) of one of Mumbais famous NGOs, The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD). And the bigger disparity...
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Mahesh_gujarat Thanks Abodh, You are nice personality. I am really t.... 25 Apr '11.
ashishrawat5 nice Abodh, Good Job..keep it up.. 27 Apr '11.
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Hi Ketan,
Other schools come out with a comprehensive placement report detailing sectors and numbers, however PUMBA does not do that.
So our only source of real information is from current students on platforms like PG.
You telling us not to raise questions on placements seems rather un...
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Hi Guys,
This was awesome entertainment for people like me with nothing to do and 20 minutes to spare! Thank you!
On a serious note, don't you aspirants think that you've gone a little overboard?
It is absolutely alright to ask a few pertinent questions and infact even I agree that the ...
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Hello Seniors,
First and foremost thank you for promptly clearing all the doubts of aspirants this year!
Getting to my query, I wanted to have a brief overview of the placement scenario.
As mentioned earlier we do know that the average CTC offered has been 6.5-7LPA and placement scene ha...
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Nope. :cheerio:
As stated you can send them later, i'm pretty sure no one has a Migration Certificate lying around. Actually it's only issued when one transfers from one University to another.
Eg: Punjab University to Symbiosis International University.
Cannot be given otherwise. So ever...
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You don't need to really send that. It's already ticked in the form - meaning they already have it.
Just send the rest of the documents needed.
I had sent my forms back in March.
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For all things car:
Team-BHP - The Definitive Indian Car Community - Portal
Has a very useful forums section with detailed ownership reports, first impressions and DIY modifications.
For all things bike:
Again the forums are amazing and user experiences and second han...
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Dude I don't think it was spam. Was quite funny and interesting to be honest.
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This whole thread seems as if it's been written by the same person.
Very obvious and irritating.
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