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Anybody who has wanted to do MBA in India, would have most probably taken CAT. I, being one of the aspirants has done the same. But I took it not once but thrice. And this article is all about this journey of mine.My first attempt in CAT was in 2010, when I was in my final year of graduation. Since it was my first attempt, I ...
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speaking.prateek @nehaseema : Thanx alot... :) . 01 Feb.
speaking.prateek @r4vi : Thanks... :) Prep is goin on well enough... Let.... 01 Feb.
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I am not a believer of New Year resolutions. For me, those are just gimmicks of weak-willed people. So I refused to categorize my first lecture in Career Launcher on January 1, 2012 as a New Year resolution. I was just happy to be in a classroom, away from my office. People had partied hard the night before, and as a result t...
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dkaushik2012 Full article here phoenix-soul-search.blogspot.in/2013.... 14 Oct '13.
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Hey guys, Don't loose hope. " Haar kar jitne walo ko hi BAZIGAAR kehte hai". Go ahead and hit the bull's eye next time..
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Congratulations, you have been confirmed for admission to the Master of Management programme (2012-14) at SJMSOM
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Converted IIT Kgp and IIT Madras.... Guys can I have your opinion which one would be better?? I am in a fix...
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Hi friends, can i have your opinion which one would be better iim a pgp-abm or iim shillong?? I am really in a fix..
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Just few minutes ago I was checking my email as usual. Suddenly noticed a mail from IIM Shillong stating "IIM Shillong results are out". My heart beats get doubled, felt nervous. Opened IIM Shillong website and gave my CAT Registration No. and Date of Birth. pressed the button 'Get Status' .........
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Converted IIM L PGP-ABM but mostly not joining.
My second convert after IIM A PGP-ABM . Guys can I have your opinion on New IIM's or IIM A PGP ABM???
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I think you should think again before taking this course. You have already experiance of Bsc. Agri and PGP agri warehousing so PGP ABM course will not add any significant value to your career whereas IIM L PGP or FMS can diversify your career aspect. This is totally my view.
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Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.......Be patient and something good will come your way.. Hope we will all successfull....
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