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ISB placements update:
831 offers as of Feb 28th '14..
21% consulting
Leading Technology recruitersApple CTS Facebook Google Infosys Microsoft
Leading Consulting recruitersAccenture AT Kearney Boston Consulting Group Deloitte KPMG McKinsey & Co.
dixitbtech school definitely matters. the one year MBA of ISB is not.... 04 Apr.
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could anybody tell me how to prepare for ONGC?
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dixitbtech good question ! :) . 04 Apr.
dixitbtech branch bolo !. 04 Apr.
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i am a mechanical engineer ...which books should i follow for ongc gt 2014 exam...and where can i get previous year questions
dixitbtech baba...go for made easy paper for IES. lucent general kn.... 04 Apr.
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Could all chemical engineers please stand up .
ashburn what did you fill as your preference?. 05 Apr.
razbaz Please suggest some important topics for preparations........ 06 Apr.
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it is ok to not to know all the answer, but its not ok, if you quench your thirst.
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finally ongc notification uploaded now people decide wether go for ongc or IES , this is intentially done by ongc to clash paper with IES & one thing added this year 25% qualifiacation marks pwople who have good % in btech have better chance
dixitbtech thank God.. chemical engineering ka IES nahi hai.. 01 Apr.
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lets discuss the expected question pattern nd level of difficulty in tech for the chemical in ongc 2014!!!
dixitbtech how come anyone can expect ? :O . 01 Apr.
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Is there anyone who can help me for Chemical Engineering . Would appreciate some advice.
dixitbtech join chemical engineering group in fb. there is the aweso.... 01 Apr.
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Chemical Engineering People are here?
dixitbtech chemical engineer here -_-. 01 Apr.
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where r u purane puys
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emily6 Ye Masttt tha.... @raghavsimply :cheers: :splat: :s.... 18 Mar.
rushikesh90 @ojaswinii tu bata kaha hai aajkal. 01 Apr.