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I have just checked got same msg :-(
Hey seniors ne chance tht waitlist may get activated again???
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hi all.
please whoever is converting and planning to join IIT Kgp and already paid fee for IIT K, please send mail to IIT K about not joining. This will help waitlister to get a chance for admission. (m on the waitlist if K and thats the only hope i have)
and congrats to all who have conver...
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hi all
I have tried to estimate the no of call sent by IITK. Ths no was around 80 and the max waitlister I found at no 87.
I dont know how this data will help but I am very disapponted after hearing that waitlist clear for 2 only
Is it really possible? Because some where I read that ins...
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hello all...
ne idea whn IIT K will start sending call to waitlisters..this is already 29....and i m refreshing the result page almost in every 10 min.
this wait is killing :-(
ne way ATB to all waitlisters and may we all get into IITK.....
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i just know checked the status on site.
they have changed the date from 18 may to 28 may for waitlist activation.
dont know when the D-day will come..wait is killing waitlisters:-(
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hey one confusion 100 final call means confirm + waitlisted = 100 ?
And this year I saw one of the waitlister at 86. So if 40 seats are thr than total will be around 135+ right.....
i didnt get into IITM...K is the only hope......
lets see ....will get into K or not....wht ur guess says
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I saw last year's batch profile on IITK website. There were 31 students. and I saw some where on last year's thread that waitlist around 50 got cleared. But still no idea abt this year's intake.
Me too in waitlist (74)
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I am on cloud no 9...first ever semi convert.......
i m waitlisted..thats the only thing I have in my hand......
hey puys please participate in poll. It will give relief to wiatlisters..........
Congrats to all who converted it....
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Hi Seniors
I am in waitlist. And status will be cleared after 18th may. This is my only hope. So can u tell us how many people are there in waitlist. And how many will clear it.
Thanks in advance.....
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hey bro tx for raising the q.
Seniors I do have the same query. And add one more if Mr Y can't attend the first counseling, can he appear for next one?????
tx in advance