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dimmy replied to IAS or IIMA
well dude....instead of asking this question to the pg peepz...u shud ask urself wat to do. What does your heart tell u to do? Money or Power? Authority ? glamour? wat? Coz no matter wat we say or advice finally its totally your call.
A MBA and an IAS are contrasting careers in different doma...
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dimwitz0 happens to be a five-syllable id. too complicated for my memory sometimes. so gonna change over to a shorter and simpler name...
dimmy (aaah! feels nice)
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tried signing up..but heres wat i got:
We are currently not accepting new registrations. Accounts can be purchased in our store (http://www.aventuremail.co.uk/store) in the mean time.
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hi mohit,
there are no fixed fixed weightages....they tend to vary a lot.....so this question is not a simple one to answer...neways the following are an interesting read
dimmy replied to How bout faculty posn in A CAT INSTITUTE??
hi sekar,
what exactly do u mean by technical exp? u mean an IT related software job? well being a faculty of computers in a govt. school , IMHO, is no way bad. You only need to justify to the panel why you want to shift your career from Education to management. Think up of some good answer , ...
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welcome aboard
the god of kgp LAN is here finally... now dont flood n spam here and keep the sanctity .... we are grp of moderates...not eXXXtremists like u ok??? ;)
and btb whrs my 1 GB of sylvia saint u promised?
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Do Seniorz have da time???
dimmy replied to Best Excuses When Caught Napping In Your Cubicle
now mihir dont tell me u gonna sleep at B after all this anxious wait ;)
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I totally agree with you Mike. We tend to vent our frustrations and let our feelings evaporate thru poems/writings when in the depths of depression. And yeah depressions are necessary phases of life. teaches us to treasure the good times.
Humour {and not Satire} is the hardest to compose. Tak...
dimmy replied to Creative Corner - Original poems, plays, short ...
geeez how did i miss this thread for so long? after goin thru all the posts i was like WOW WOW.
indeed im privileged to be in such creative company.
Apurv u brought out complete poetry in all those pictures. if u are an amateur ...heheh i wonder how good professionals are
Ayesha ur ...
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