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Being physically present in a classroom would soon be a passe for students at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ranchi. As from next year, they would attend virtual classrooms, sitting in their hostels. Lectures will be broadcast live and students would just have to log in through a laptop or PC to attend classes. P...
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fantasticsandip I wonder what will be the next thing on director's list o.... 11 Jan '12.
BearGrylls A PLEA TO IIM RANCHI: (hope i'm heard) Virtual classes i.... 30 Apr '12.
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?One of the new kids on the 'IIM' block, the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIM-U) sure makes a pretty picture. The peach-coloured building that houses IIM-U looks rather regal on a cold winter morning. The early sun rays strikes it gently and the pockets of fog around the building, slowly melt away. Under the mor...
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ps25 Cant imagine how b-schools take "Freshers" who simply pas.... 29 Dec '11.
abhayk @ps25: i second you mate!!. 30 Dec '11.
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Prof Mouloud Madoun's name is quite a tongue twister if one is not familiar with French names. People often end up addressing him as Mowlood Madown or Moloud Madnoun and after several attempts graduate to pronouncing it as Maolood Madu, which is how it should be. Not that Prof Madoun minds it at all. He is now used to peopl...
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Dimasa We all like it when we are praised. It would have rained .... 17 Dec '11.
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Dr Janat Shah, director of IIMU Dr Janat Shah, director of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur already has a detailed strategy in place for the next ten years and aims to make IIM Udaipur better than IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore. A product of IIM Ahmedabad who spent two decades working with IIM Bangalore, S...
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Dimasa He rides a bicycle to college which is 3-4 km from his re.... 14 Dec '11.
Dimasa replied to [2011-2013]IIM Udaipur Final Converts Discussion
Hey Puys !! Can anyone tell me, if we have to deposit caution money along with the admission fees during the admission period??
Is it like -50000 Rs- seat confirmation
100000 Rs- admission fees
25000 Rs- caution deposit
so we have to pay Rs 175000 before we...