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DILSERE replied to IIMA 2007 - 2009 queries
My IIMA GD and interview details
Case Study
It was related to the some small PC firm in Gujarat facing various problems in finance, employee atrrition and also customer satisfaction.
Someone started with directly jumping to the SOLUTION so I came in saying no wait we will discuss the ca...
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DILSERE replied to CAT 2006 - GD-PI Preparation/Tips/Help
Some tips from my side
1. Form a GD/PI group ...believe me it helps a lot
2. Don't ponder on the criterias for final call.....use this time to work on your weak areas
3. Enjoy the PROCESS....rather than taking burden of it
PS: I already posted some GD/PI tips a...
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DILSERE replied to PG Meet - Ahmedabad 2006
lets see sunday ko WIMWI mai kya scene hai.....
If possible I will surely come with 5-6 more PGites from my IIMA batch...
hey fellow puys great to see many of you are Gazal Lovers....
I like all kind of Gazals (provided I can get their meaning)....
Just listened WHEN I AM ALONE......A GAZAL COLLECTION.....more than 50 times the gazals in this collecetion are really great ....
DILSERE replied to Calling All the Mumbai junta aiming to crack CA...
If you believe in your potential the best will always come out.....
CAT just need focus and dedication once you get it you don't need anything else to touch the magic figures.
All the best !!!
DILSERE replied to IIM(2006-08) batch crackers : Post your Mock-CA...
Some more gyan to share here.....
Finish the initial prep by the end of AUG/SEP so that you can give best shot at SIMCAT and AIMCAT....
Also while solving the paper always try to dominate the paper rather than getting dominated by it !!!
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DILSERE replied to IIM(2006-08) batch crackers : Post your Mock-CA...
Test ScorePercentile
SimCAT 8 87.49
SimCAT 7 95.xx
SimCAT 6 94.xx
SimCAT 5 93.52
SimCAT 4 89.56
SimCAT 3 88.16
SimCAT 2 90.80
SimCAT 1 94.32
CAT Percentile :99.71
Converts :LACKI + NITIE
Gyan : Always try to optimize urself still the best o...
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DILSERE replied to Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial
guys keep the good work going on.....
I was regular visitor to this thread before my CAT....and it helped me lot in VA and RC...
DILSERE replied to All I wanted to Speak about CAT
As I promised, I will surely write about HOW TO CRACK THE CAT here. But before going to it always remember CAT is not the end of life. I feel the luck factor was my side that helped me to emerge victorious if it was not there I might have found myself on the other side. So always remember my quot...
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DILSERE replied to All I wanted to Speak about CAT
This That and All About Cracking The CAT
After my CAT results I was getting requests from people asking for some CAT tips. I promised all of them that I will write one post which will comprise my experiences with CAT and some tips based on that.
Some of the requests I received was how I im...
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