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April 8th. Stay and work in Calcutta but due to work tour, will be traveling from Chennai.
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hii puys... just need one last confirmation... i have done my 10th 12th from cbse in kolkata... grad m doin under pune university... from wat i understand, i am an oms candidate .. please correct me if i am wrong... need this confirmation.. tnx..
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It will take some beating, this SCMHRD application form. I have been trying to save my details since the last 5 days with no luck. Unbelievable. I am still trying.:banghead: First the payment was not showing and now the details are not being saved.
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Pune puys, any idea wich is the pune centre ?? need to know
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@raggarwal... this is the sectional cutoff marks... obviously overall cutoff will be higher n not the mere addition of sectional cutoffs. u need 50percentile in each section... n this is a reflection of that.. for last yr... tats it... nothin more...
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hii puys,
just cant find the snap admit card... wich was stamped n wich we had to bring to gd-pi... its a 50-50 chance of a call for me... borderline cutiff score... so i am really tensed bout this... is there any way out ??
sibm puys please help me out on this...
thanks in advance...
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The IIMs and the HRD ministry have decided to not go down the retest route. CAT 2009 has been the most mismanaged mess of an exam in recent history and yet the IIMs have decided that it would be better to harm a few thousand students than to do the right thing. Right from day one, the complaints have been both loud and di...
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northstar 22nd Jan is not that far .... 31 Dec '09.
anonymous [...] crashing, coordinators behaving like knowledge less.... 01 Apr '10.
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I thot english was tough... I am pretty scared about my accuracy big time despite high attempts...
Eng - 24
LR - 25
DI - 26
QA - 14
OA - 89
worried bout accuracy...
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Yeah I have the same problem. I made the payment at SBI couple hours back. Site is down, so called up the admissions office. They said do it on Saturday and online thing will be extended. So i guess, we have time...
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3.30 pm. PCCOE Pune.
1) How many attempts you have made?
VA 19. DI-LR 17. QA 12
2) Your last mock score?
88 %ile TIME
3) How was your experience of the test?
Awesome. No probs at all... Infact we started before 3.30 as everybody were seated on time. :). The proctors were coo...