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@puys: Is the three months duration (offline project work) meant for internships. ? Does any one intend to do internships at the end of the course ? Since one can directly join the company post course.
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Congrats Rahul! :)
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I'm in! But the mail states that we need to pay 4.57 lacs by march 8th. I wasn't expecting such huge amount. It is really difficult to manage such amount in 2 weeks.
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Puys, please do post your admits :-). This will be very helpful for folks (like me) who are waiting for their results!
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Hello Puys, Is there any one who attended in-person interview with Stig Lanneskog (UIUC dean) during his India visit and got an admit ?
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@karthiknitt ,@MBA234 : . I've my interview on 19th Jan @ Bangalore!!. Guys, any idea about the interview format.? Should we need to submit any CV ?
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My GMAT score is 680.
Work Exp: 5 years by matriculation in a IT products company.
Extra curriculars: Decent
Since its rolling admissions and I belong to the Indian IT Male pool ,should I wait for few months and apply for Jan 2013 intake ? or try my luck for Feb Deadline ?
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We can maintain a spreadsheet to get an idea about the number of admits. This will help the folks who are about to apply (like me) to this course.!
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@quan11287 and @AnarchyzChild.
Puys ,please do share your profile.
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Hey Dude,
For the Top 25/30 US bschools, GMAT scores matter a lot!.May be once the score crosses 700 mark ,they might look at the app. After my ding from NUS, Carlson ,I don't have much of hopes.Just a matter of time before I get ding from other b schools I have applied.
I have asked for ...