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I never applied to SP Jain. But will try to answer your question as I have put some time evaluating 1 year management courses in India.
Approx average salary was surely less than 9 lacs per annum this year. A year before that, when boom was still there in india, it was ~11.5 lacs.
I feel,...
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More often, Biggest motivation is Money. In Top business schools, Finance is more rewarding monetarily than IT, particularly for freshers.
There are few, who never worked in finance, yet very interested to be in that field. Such people carry certain opinions/assumptions, which might be very u...
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I am appalled at your thoughts.
First, you made yourself laughing stock, by bringing NPV angle to PGPX. How can you predict salary of a person using some math ? We are in real world mate, real world where even the best brains cant predict what would happen to a Billion dollar company a month a...
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Last year there were many who gave up USD100000+ jobs to join IIMA, C PGPX, and even ISB. Most of them failed to get jobs abroad and had to settle for Indian salaries.
Now, Let me use your math for a guy whose Pre-MBA salary was USD 123916 ( for today's rate 48.42 ).
Formula = 4/(15%-10%)...
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Probably negative :)
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Take a look at four recessions:
* July 1981-November 1982: 14 months
* July 1990-March 1991: 8 months
* March 2001-November 2001: 8 months
* December 2007-current: current
Recession 2001 affected placements of 3 batches,
2001 - They had great placements, but got ...
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Much anticipated thread ! Much appreciated !
Many PGs have been misinformed by fake posts by several coaching institutes.
Hope this thread puts an end to such unethical practices.
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I came across an article, which delves into "Practicality of the lessons that b-schools impart". Author is an MBA from IIM C.
Excerpts :
Philip Delves Broughton is a journalist who went to study at Harvard Business School....
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I was in Melbourne for sometime in 2006-07. While, I didn't experience any racist intolerance, Two of my colleagues were badly hit and hospitalized in separate incidents. Apart from these, I used to hear many such incidents. I once witnessed a scene where an Indian was chased and kicked by a grou...
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That article is written by a ignorant journalist. GMAT hasn't got tougher, just that new 300 questions have been added to OG12. TOI has totally misinterpreted the news ( as always )
Please consider retaking only if you think you can add 40+ points.