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Then Financial Engineering is definitely NOT for you.
You can't be a Quant if you don't love programming, and you can't be anywhere around a Trading Desk without strong mathematical aptitude or strong computer programming skills.
ER is not mathematical at all.
Do MFE, if you lo...
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You can draw a parabola with roots in with any value of a, so why only (a) & (e), product of roots 'can' be positive with any value of a.
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I'm not trying to be funny, but this is really stupid question.
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Level 1 is basics, no depth but they will cover nearly everything related to investments and markets. Although, Level 1 will give more investments related knowledge than MBA Finance, but don't expect much opportunities after just Level 1 unless you are a CA. Only thing in detail here is accountin...
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1) Center of the bigger circle will be centroid of triangle formed by centers of other 3 circles, so distance of centroid to one of vertex plus 1 will be radius of that circle, which will be (1+sqrt(13)/3), calculate the area.
2) If you want area common 4 circles drawn at each vertex of square...
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Well, first first label the circles as A,B,C in order of left to right, label intersection of B and C as M and N, and center of circle C as X.
Area under part of circle C1MXC1 = pi*r^2 /6 (since the arc divides circle in 1/6 pie) = Y
area of equilateral triangle C1MX = sqrt(3)* r^2 / 4 = Z....
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^ To me it seems all three are wrong questions
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I think I read it somewhere that all IIMs need >60% marks in HSC, SSC, and graduation.
But dude, even if you got interview call from IIM, you have hell lot of explaining to do, 89 to 52
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Well, what I think about their process is that they look for two thing,
1) If the person they are selecting can go through the torture of B-school comfortably.
2) If they can place the person in a very good job (big salary) and he/she will go on to make a highly successful career.
Part 1...
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