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Have a cat percentile of 99.75 and my gdpi was ok .WL 190 for pgp.How is this possible considering cat weightage of 60%.
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saurabhche07 I think IT became the achiles heel. One thing i have lear.... 19h.
man93 also saw on the facebook group that people with 97.xx and.... 17h.
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Is their any data on how many people apply for the course and how many seats are available for the batch of 13-14 ? will the seats be same for the year 14-15 too ?
cynicall @IIMIndoreEPGP Plz reply on following queries:- 1) Whe.... 20h.
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Just called up the admissions office. All mails have been sent (700 =330+buffers) . they will update the W/L in a couple of hours.
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cynicall waitlist no 837... it's gone case now... . 1d.
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Dear Aspirants, I am a proud FMS graduate of the batch of 2014, and I am as disappointed and disillusioned as many of you are with the delay in the admission process for this year. However, I feel that there is still no need to panic and be blasphemous about the college that all of you aspire to ...
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vineetjain111 I reiterate, I am not defending the delay. It is despicab.... 13h.
Ibanez Life is not fair and to expect everything to happen in a .... 13h.
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So I called on this no 011-27666382. A lady picked up.
She told me that shortlist delay is because this time around FMS wants to curb the cases of withdrawal of admissions. That's why interviews will be held in last week of June. By that time most of students (ABCXL waale, may be L too) wud h...
cynicall Beginning/mid june wud have been better considering whate.... 1d.
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Hi Guys,
Firstly, we understand what you are going through and it's not easy to deal with such a situation. But then, even we as batch of 2015 are helpless as the admissions process is totally out of our ambit. What we can tell you as seniors is that please keep faith in the system. I know its...
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cynicall @akram23 Thanks for responding. just wanted to confirm .... 4d.
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well I called them..they said the list would be out by 1st or 2nd week of may
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cynicall @rimzimLoreto which number u called..? . 5d.
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Hello everyone, from the administration people my sister got to know that it'll be announced on 18th. She's presently in FMS. Exams were going on and then the change of Dean along with other factors lead to so much of delay.
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santu1024 @happy3475 haha ... same here bro :D ... GD killed me.... 7d.
happy3475 @annavinoth1 In Gd: pretty bad... tons of senseless ta.... 6d.
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cynicall @digi942 what was your score..? . 10 Apr.
cynicall replied to [Official] [2014-16] FMS Delhi: Aspirants Admis...
@akram23 @singhrbn Hi akram,
I have two queries. Hope you wud answer them as many people have these questions in their mind.
1) Will we need to fill some form and SOP when we come for the GD/PI. Or the form filled sent to fms by post wud be used during interview. If yes, then wud we ab...