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i recently read one night at call center, this book is awesome. prev i thot that this book is abt ppl who r joining call center and the rules they must kno to stay motivated at call center. But i was amazed to see how beautifully author chetan bhagat has framed each plot makin it a grasping novel
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ans Is Bcdea
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banta singh gave matrimonial ad for his daughter working in call center
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Market today saw huge fall, as if investors are selling everything and running away from the market. The latest news suggests that mutual funds are selling off shares due to redemption pressure and banks are offloading their positions to cover up the positions. Sensex has gone down below 10k mark...
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Great the markets ended in a positive note recovering frm a loss of 600 points in these 2 daz. good to see share price moving up. But as the correction period is on and the FII's are selling off we can't see market moving up more but rather falling to a great extent. Today's recovery is just a s...
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Don't have to be confused better one is iilm delhi and if u want any other options go for alliance business academy or christ college of bangalore. One of the best under mat.
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saw fanaa the first half of the movie is quite interesting, as aamir tried to woe kajol and all those romantic scenes and shayaris by aamir. The movie looked again a romantic one which i thought could be another chartbuster but the 2nd half took an interesting turn as aamir turned out be a terror...
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RICH DAD POOR DAD - A book which says that don't work for money, let money work for you. Its telling you to don't run after the salary but instead build your asset column. Read it to believe it. one of the best book i have ever read
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Rightly said by some of my frns about spamming and bragging out there but any of of you have praised these guys for having that courage to miss the gd pi's and wait for their dream institutes which is iim A. Hats off to you guys for having that daring and courageous act. best of luck to you
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I think its unfair to those students where the marking pattern in their graduation is stricter and lots of students fail to secure more than 50% marks. but i think they will b coming up with one more exam that wil b the qualifying exam for cat and everybody will have to clear the first one to app...