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name - Varun Pandey
CAT attempt - 1st.
coaching classes - TIME.
space reserved
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1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r.- TIME , delhi
2.When did u start preparation.- March
3.Books u have or plan to buy.
Arun sharma , RS Agg and IME material .
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation 1 hr a day but trying to improve on it.
5.Weak sectio...
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Here goes my acads
X th - 90.8%
XII th - 81.4%
Btech - 67% (upto 5th sem - got one more sem before CAT 12)
extra curricular - decent involvement in various college events
- a core team member of an NGO
1) Do I stand any chance of makin...
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Hi everyone.
I am gunning for cat 12 season. A third year engineering student. Eagerly Looking forward towards the next meet.
Want to make friends, prepare hard and have lots of fun.
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Rip!! Steve jobs!! You will be missed!!!!
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@Parasdutta12 : thanxx a ton brother!! will try my best for the same!
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please reply asap puys!!! senior member, need your guidance here!!
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hi puys!
I will be writing CAT in 2012 in my final year of btech. I am a little confused as to what all colleges i should be targetting. please take notice of my profile and post your views and suggestions/advices.
12th - 82.4 (CBSE)
btech - 70% upto 3rd year...
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hola puys!!
I am varun pandey. A third year engineering student, aiming for salvation 2012. Zero work ex, a partially screwed up college grades, But,I also have is an unfinished business with these comptt. exams ryt from my jee prep days. Determination, courage and a voice inside that s...
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