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Christy replied to Happy Birthday Simba aka Soumya!!
Hey Hiiii !!!
Simbaaaaaa Babez....wish u a vry vry !!!
:Fade-col: Have a fantastic year ahead....!!! :Fade-col:
:bigups: :bday: sweetz !!! :D :bday: :bigups:
tataaaaaaaaaaa n u take care....
luv alwayzzzzzzz,
Christy replied to Happy Birthday Francesco CATtie aka 'Yoga Dude'...
[smiley] [smiley] [smiley] [smiley] Hey Hiiiiiii !!! [smiley] [smiley] [smiley] [smiley]
Ye I know itz wee bit early .... bt hey Vijay yahan pe itz already 12!! N u know kahan pe [smiley]
[smiley] So heres wishin u a very very [smiley] [smiley] [smiley] dear !!!<...
Christy replied to Moderators @ PG - Updates thread
Hey al !!!
Hmm .. ! Sope sum new names are gonna get the blue glowing effect soon haan .... coool !
Alritey.. ! And the nominees are !!!
--> Francesco CATtie [ Vijay ]
--> Govi [ Sachin ]
--> Hobbes [ Uday ]
--> Psychodementia [ Arun ]
--> Ranjitha
--> Zarine
Christy replied to Mumbai Marathon 2006!!!! :-)
Heyyy Hiiii !!!
:yell: :yell: :yell: Uuuuuuuuuuuuu Bet dude!!!
:-( Soo sad i cant tk part *sigh* Me not in town @ d moment!!
Bt heyyy dats okie....!! m gonna pledge on apna rocker
Oye puneet ..last time ki tarah dunt keep gulping down biscuits n water n strollin aroun .....
Christy replied to Happy Birthday Christy
Hey al !!!
:angel: Francesco CATtie
:angel: Jackal :angel:
Christy replied to Chennai PG Meet
Heylo !!!
Ahaan.... must say datz a nice pic of apna Sarchasm Stud n Yoga Stud !! Btw baaki studs kahan hai ?? :whatthat:
N ye yoga dude .... though d blurred effect gives sum ready stuff 4 Zee Horror movies.. bt heyyyyy those tribal stuff u wearin is amazzzzzzzzingly coool yaa!!...
Christy replied to Happy B'day Murtuza
Hey Murtuzaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Alrity 1st things 1st !!! ..... Lemme clarify dat this wish is indeed for the yr 2005! agle saal i'll surely wish again M sooo sooo sowwieee
:bday: Sope wishin u blated !!!
:bday: N of course my bestest wishes 4 a wonderful n fun-filled yr ahead !...
Christy replied to Many Happy returns of the Day Neha (cioccolata)
Hey Nehaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Wish u a vry vry !!!
:angel: :bday: N also wishin u 4 a fantastic yr ahead.......:angel: :bday:
:bigups::bigups: :bigups: Itz UR day Babez....Njoy 2 da fullest !!! :bigups: :bigups: :bigups:
:bigups: :rockedov: :rockedov: :bigups:
Christy replied to Happy Birthday Sweetgirl aka Surbhi [13th Nov]
Hey sweeeeeeeeeetgirl !!!
:bday: :bday: Heres wishin u blated dear !!!
Babez...m sure u must hv hd a blast ... My bestest wishes 4 a wonderful yr ahead sweetz.....
:bigups: :bigups: :Fade-col: :Fade-col: :bigups: :bigups:
tataaaaaaaaaaaa n u take care....
Christy replied to Many Happy Returns Of The Day Igneous [12th No ...
Heylo Igneoussssssssssssss !!!
Blated !!!
:rockedov: :rockedov: Hope u hd a fab day !!!
:splat: N my wishes 4 a superb yr ahead........ wid loads of luv luc n hapines!!!:splat:
tataaaaaaaaaa n u take care.........:wink:
luv alwayzzzzzzzz,