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Charles_C replied to GIM Final Result [2010-2012]
Hey Guys!
Congrats to all who made it.
I can assure each of you that two years at GIM will be an experience you will cherish for life. There will be good days, bad days and really bad days! but when u add it all up it will be worth the effort. Trust me.
I know must of you are anxious an...
Charles_C replied to MH MBA CET 2010 Discussion and Analysis
Hi Puys,
If you have studied all through in Mumbai, been born in Mumbai (birth certificate states this) and lived all through in Mumbai - do you still need to submit a domicile certificate to the MH- CET authorities?
If yes, please state the easiest way of applying for this and how long doe...
Charles_C replied to [2010] GIM GD/PI shortlist out
Hey Ironwindow!
As far as I recollect there is no SOP to be filled out.
However, the panel will definitely assess your focus and reasons for pursuing an MBA in the interview.
All the best!
Charles Carvalho
Goa Institute of Management
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Charles_C replied to Goa Institute of Management Admissions [2010-12...
Hi Gurleen!
Should you include your workex on the form - You definitely should! I will add the caveat that at the time of the interview you will be questioned about this workex - what you learnt - what you hoped you would, but didn't!
All applicants - please remember that having workexperi...
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Charles_C replied to Equity Markets
Hey Guys,
My first post on this thread.
Its interesting how people try to guess the impact of events like the RBI policy, budget etc on the markets. While im in no way suggesting that these events do not impact the markets, they certainly do, but history shows (as suggested by legends like ...
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Charles_C replied to Goa Institute of Management Admissions [2010-12...
Hi GIMites and Puys!
I am Charles Carvalho, a PGP1 student at the Goa Institute of Management.
Its really amazing to see my friends from GIM keeping up this tradition of helping aspirants with their queries. I will try and do my bit to answer questions raised.
I'll start by requesting a...
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Charles_C replied to Life@GIM (Goa Institute of Management )
Ola Amigos!
Feels great to be back at GIM after a refreshing and certainly well deserved break. I am a family person; and while it was hard to say goodbye to everyone at home I am eager to spend an enjoyable and fruitful second term with my extended family at GIM.
Marketing is easily the mo...
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Charles_C replied to Life@GIM (Goa Institute of Management )
Hey Guys!
Great to see so many of my batchmates active on PG.
The countdown to our end term exams has begun and I can't believe that the first semester of my MBA is nearing completion. Maybe its the mandovi, maybe the amazing camaraderie shared between the students, but - Time truly flies a...
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