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FMS has fucked up... interviews only by last week of June or first week of July... Puys! any idea how much this affects the waitlist movement?
Also, people in the WL who have been waiting for FMS.. kindly fill the tracker (BM, HR, Global) letting us know of your intentions now at least!! Pleas...
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CatEngg @Hemanz ahem.. I'd like to draw your attention to my pic.... 2d.
CatEngg @conquerer1 lol.. nahiiiiii...... ;) @Hemanz tumse na.... 1d.
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Can anyone tell me which was the last wl number which converted GMBA last year? Thanks
ayushnasa DD, with name and XAT id and course applied for mentioned.... 2d.
faheem7791 Great, and when is the final status of admission known to.... 2d.
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Puys. How about using a separate ping (maybe even this one) to discuss any XL random things and to blow off some steam? informal xl vali baatein? we could tag others here and continue :)
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CatEngg congratulations @conquerer1 :) . 7d.
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BM !!!!
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CatEngg Finally!!! Ab treat pakki ho gayi teri taraf se ;) . 08 Apr.
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@dhruvwali I know its a long shot but just to be prepared ..can you tell me how much do we need to pay if selected to confirm our admission? Anymore details will be helpful regarding this.
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CatEngg @Pankajgupta08 yes they do.. there are 2 options.. 1) Pa.... 10 Mar.
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Hi friends,I am in a trouble. i have got selected in great Lakes college and they want me to deposit the whole fees of 16,00,000 by 4th april and we are hoping XL results will be out by the same time, they promise to refund but i think more trouble will be caused if i get thru XL and they ask for...
CatEngg @bournville 4th april is almost a month away.. so i woul.... 07 Mar.
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Hello Aspirants,Most of you must be done with your interviews. I received many messages asking questions about HRM and aspects related to doing an MBA in HRM. It seems to be a rather grey area for many, even for candidates who have applied to XLRI HR and have absolutely no idea "WHY HR?" I don't ...
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CatEngg @lio17 @ayushnasa is prepping to meet new ppl :P next.... 07 Mar.
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Hi, i have a call from hr with 10 days to go and zero knowledge to start. could someone please help me out with resources to understand the basics of hr and answer potential interview questions. thanks
CatEngg can also focus on why hr, if u have work ex then who has .... 22 Feb.
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The joys of being on the other side of the counter!!
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When will we get the dates of our GDPI??..they said they'll send the mail shortly with this info...it's been 2 weeks now...it's become longly.. need to see travel arrangements..
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CatEngg Refer to the post by @ayushnasa *From the Admissions Of.... 05 Feb.