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hi all
good 2 know tht the IMI meet at b'lore was a great success ..only regret is that i couldn't make it ..with summers in delhi i ll be hitting blore (my home!!!) in june..
well seniors sagar,natasha,kunal,aditi n sharan ..wot kinda gyaan hav u people shared wth the newbies??
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hi poorna
yup its me penny from b'lore alrite! well , my inbox at pg ws full..jus cleared it ..got a mail saying M Y S T I C was tryin to get in touch but ure inbox needs to be cleared, figured out it must hav been you ..sharan has kept me quite updated on this.....so u sure of taking IMI n w...
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Hi everyone!!!
CONGRATS to all the people joining IMI !!! Well , I am at IMI too-batch of 2006 ..a batchmate of sajal,saikat,surbhi n all..have been inactive on PG since CAT last year but thot it wud b a good idea to know wat kinda juniors we r getting..wl help during ragging , u c ..
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hi thearyan & eddy..
thanks 4 the directions & the help offered,they are pretty clear so i m confident of making it to gyan mandir on the 3rd ..thanks again
well, here in blore foram,sharan & myself met up & had a good time...everyone's looking forward to college but besides that we had ...
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hi guys
finally caught up with everything on the IMI thread....have been peacefully lazing at home since i resigned from office
well i know its late but here go my details..
NAME: Penny Aulakh
AGE: 22
QUALIFICATION:B.Com & Diploma in International Trade.Currently pursuing CFA & c...
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hey ppl
i too am joining IMI..so the list goes
1. Sajal Dubey, Jabalpur
2. Saurabh Garg, Delhi
3. Natasha
4. John Ivan, Cochin
5. Foram Mehta, Baroda
6. Vikash Mohta, Kolkata
7.Penny Aulakh,Bangalore
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hi folks
dunno how i missed this thread but surely i will be there for the meet....
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D is the answer & for the same reasons as given by amithmp
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hi guys
great to see this thread & the enthusiasm in our community that it has generated.
i too have done a bit for society in the past (collecting funds for mentally challenged children & people suffering from terminal illnesses,going house to house collecting items for people who have suf...
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hi everyone
there's definitely a lot happening on this thread ..i too received the assignments FINALLY & to say the least , i was shocked..i mean wat the hell..from june 1st to april 20th ..why do these guys want to ruin our happiness??? can't they just wait till june 1st..i thot juggling off...