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Dude dont worry... everything will be fine. Right now just concentrate on what you can do, prepare for GD/PI.
Wait for 12th Jan and you will be happy:)
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Happy birthday:)
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Hi Seniors/Fellow Puys
Can someone review mine at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/prep-resources/1501-the-art-of-writing-sop-430.html
Thanks in advance:)
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Last date is 15 Oct.... I am already late:|
Here goes my SOP, request seniors and all to give their feedback and help me make it better:D
Pursuing a worthy goal brings true happiness; and once achieved, a goal leads to another one. As a child, fascinated by the technology shows on Disc...
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OA 68 (Attempted 44, Correct 24, wrong 18
It wil improve next time....
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Looking forward to same. Eager to meet 'the hate'
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wen will they declare result? Eager to see though I scored very bad
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From the day this thread was started I amvisiting it. Thought of nominating myself but was never sure of myself.
But today something happened to me. I was listening to the speech of British PM who had come to our office and I thought to myself what the heck am I doing I was rejecting myself ev...
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Hi puys... can we meet coming weekend?
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What is OED?