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The vitriolic public reaction to Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh's seemingly innocuous comment that "The faculty in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is not world-class. It is the students in IITs who are world-class. The IITs and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are excellent because of the quality of s...
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soumyaagrawal I personally believe that there are 2 aspects that we are.... 07 Jun '11.
anonymous [...] Excerpt no aspiring student would want to miss: Fo.... 14 Jun '11.
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It is hard to describe my feelings when I finally write in this thread! Satisfaction? Excitement? Success? I dont know. All I know is that I have been waiting for 2 years for this day!
CAT 2007 season
It all started at a chai shop in Ichchhanath, at NIT Surat, when I was in my third year...
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CATch-22 replied to [2010-2012] IIML Essay/GD/PI Experiences
X : 93%, ICSE Board
XII: 94.5%, ICSE Board
Undergrad : B.Tech Electronics, 77.6%, NIT Surat, 2008 passout
Work-Ex: 22 months till date, BPCL
CAT (2009-10):
DI : 99.4%
Quant : 92.5%
Verbal : 94.5%
Aggregate : 98.82
(category GEN)
Extra acads : Co...
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My SP interview was the best among IIM L, K and SP. Atleast i felt positive vibes and was confident throughout. The PI experience is something i will cherish for some time to come. Couldnt get a call in second list or W/L in finance, and was dejected till the L convert. Congos to all the SP call ...
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CATch-22 replied to [2010-2012] IIM Lucknow Final Results out
What are the work ex documents required at the time of registration? Will the first and last salary slips along with the appointment letter suffice or is there any format for the same? Sorry if this has already been answered!!
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I know it's late...but..YIPPEEEE!!!! Converted the L call!!
After a reject from SP Jain, the call made my day!!
Looking forward to hel(L)!!!
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I have talked to friends and others, and their strong opinion is that SP Jain is to be preferred over MDI and NITIE, whatever the specialization may be. Regarding IIMs, I know people who have chosen SP Jain over I and K, but that again depends on the location preferred/individual reasons etc.
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CATch-22 replied to [2010-2012] IIMK GD/PI Experiences
Hey everyone!!
had my gd/pi at IIM K itself, on 22.03.10, 2 pm. Oh, the campus is awesome!!
wonder why no one has posted so far. anyways, here goes.......
work ex- 20 months(oil industry)
cat %ile : 98.82
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glad and relieved like many puys that i made it...first call of the whole season!!
oa - 98.82
quant- 99.24
verbal - 94.67
di - 99.24
class x - 93
class xii - 94.5
grad - 78
work ex- 14 months(aug 09)
general category
was almost giving up hopes when this happened!!
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dude.. do u have any idea what you are telling? how did you check the answers with CL, when no one knows the questions and answers, even now? remember that you are posting on a public forum.