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Hey thanks but what about camera quality I heard that HTC Edxplorer doesnt have good picture quality...
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Hi Friends ,
I am looking for goodhandset betwwen 8 k to 10 k,
I am considering Galaxy Y , Galaxy Y duos ,
Please suggest which one shall i go for?
I do surfing , chat , want to use Wifi and with a good camera quality ,love to listen to music on speakers.
any other suggestions re...
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The rest of you will find yourself in the MIIs, XLRUS, SJ Pains or FMLs by the end of the season. Good luck to all! Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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bhar.anirban5 Hilarious man!! Too good!!. 02 Sep '11.
Ankita2589 I find this one to be THE best!. 03 Apr '12.
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HI Friends anyone having CFA L1 Exam prep material in Pune please PM me .
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HI Friends ,
Need an urgent help from you ,
I am going for MBA this year ,
My Specialization will be decided in 2nd Sem.
I am keenly interested in Finance and want to go for CFA.
Can I go for CFA L1 in DEC 11 looking at the load in 1st SEM or shall i go for JUN 12 Exam ?
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Hi Puys,
This is Vishal From Wait List 1.
My Query is regarding Migration Certificate,
I have done Bachelors from Pune University and as I need to get My Migration Certificate from Unversity of Pune ,(Pune University)they are asking me for Original Leaving Certificate to be posted to th...
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HI Guys,
Any updates on whether anyone from Waitlist 1 got access to elearning module :lookround
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Hi I went today to SCMHRD and asked regarding the same to Asst. Registrar,
She told that once the DD are cleared a mail will be sent for accessing e-learning module.
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I haven't received offer letter yet . I have Dispatched DD and Documents to SCMHRD,
Please suggest me what shall i do for offer letter shall i go on saturday to institute and sign it over there (I think instead of parents guardians sign will suffice ?). Please suggest what shall i do?
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any updates on Wait List1 Students?
Do they have access to elearning module?
I checked yesterday but I was not able to login with SID key and password...