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Name: Ankit Kothari
B-school: NMIMS, Mumbai
Specialization: Finance
Let's stay connected. Long live this thread
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Hi all
I also received such a mail this morning. Have been asked to send a confirmation of participation by 24th. The exact details of GD/PI schedule will be sent thereafter. Won't attend it in all probability.
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Hi friends
I finally got a consolatory IIM call :D
Name: Ankit Kothari
Workex: None
Xth - 88.8%
XIIth - 89%
Graduation (B.Tech - ICT) - 7.05/10
OA %ile: 99.65
QA %ile: 96.95
DI %ile: 90.94
VA %ile: 99.94
Category: GEN
DATE OF GD & PI: 22...
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Hi Friends
Here are my details:
Name :- Ankit Kothari
Place:- Udaipur/Surat
Working\fresher (age):- Fresher, 22
Gender:- Male
Smoking:- No
Drinking:- No
Any other requirement:- AC and Internet connection (Certainly not a must initially)
Budget:- 5k-6k
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CAT Result:
OA: 99.65
QA: 96.95
DI: 90.94
VA: 99.94
10th: 88.8%
12th: 89%
B.Tech(DA-IICT) CPI - 7.05
This is where I belong to!
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Hi friends
My scores are:
QA: 96.95
DI: 90.94 :(
VA: 99.94 :)
OA: 99.65
10th: 88.8
12th: 89
No work-ex. Pursuing B.Tech from DA-IICT.
Can I expect any IIM call or will the DI score play spoilsport everywhere?
Please suggest. Thanks
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By what time can the 7:45 AM slot candidates expect to be free?
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In a press release sent this morning, IIM Ahmedabad informed that the CAT results would be announced at the end of February, instead of in the middle of the month, as was announced earlier. The institute did not provide any reasons for the delay. As an interesting aside, the press release is also the shortest one we've ever r...
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akhiltn_85 guys..... enough is enough... i dont expect dem to releas.... 27 Feb '10.
estranged_gnrs Closing comments here. Too much spam and lot of people wi.... 27 Feb '10.
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I got first call of the season
GD/PI on 29th, 9 AM slot. Anyone from A'bad?
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Hi Friends
My scores according to TestFunda are:
QA - 84
LR- 56 :(
VA- 102
RC - 89
OA - 331
Could you please give me an idea about the last year's LR/DI cutoff and a realistic 50th percentile figure for this year's LR section?