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Brilliant thread. Will come back soon and post my views on the subject
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ch SP Jain, Singapore Who does not want a 'phoren' degree to brag about for the rest of his life. Especially if the foreign country is just a quick six-hour flight away and the local restaurants serve sambar rice. Singapore the shopping haunt for Indians has also turned into a b-school hub. With INSEAD, Chicagobooth, SPJai...
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agoyal @Peeyusht & @GDTAKER: I am not sure how the time is s.... 04 Apr '11.
agoyal So saying that INSEAD is a big brand but INSEAD -Singapor.... 04 Apr '11.
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Hey guys. Congrats to one and all. I was curious to know which kind of companies/firms are good for "Branding"
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^ Marketing or HR, however creativity can be developed as it is needed in every field. Given points 4 & 5, I think HR would be suited. However, it is completely your call.
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Hey guys. Don't worry and don't be confused. Most of you answering the questions already know the answer, the specialization to select.
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Hello Puys. I'm thinking about taking Finance. I take this decision despite believing that Marketing IS my cup of tea. The reason behind this is I like challenges and I want to be a bit of an allrounder, good at Marketing, communicating and understanding people and good at numbers. It would help ...
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Thank You. Which is best Sinhgad among all (apart from SIOM)? Does the faculty differ from college to college or do they have the same faculties?
Where did you research this? I don't find any mention of this on their website.
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Does anyone have any idea about the placements at Sinhgad? I've heard they're centralized, but I need to know the truth. How good are they and do they differentiate between students and campuses, as mentioned by this PG user -
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Hi. How are placements in Sinhgad Inst. of Mgmt, Vadgaon & Wadia?
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I believe ABS had applied for AICTE accreditation. Any updates on that anyone? Is ABS affiliated to AICTE now?