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Head over to https://scorecard.catiim.in/ to check your results. All the best :)
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souravlodha guys got 98.37 with over 93 in all sections.. X 80 X.... 14 Jan '11.
baraniskai hello guys plzz help me ....i have scored 89.5%ile ...can.... 15 Jan '11.
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Just when CAT 2010 was being written off as a 'no-glitches' exam, reports have begun to trickle in about wrong questions and no right options. According to candidates who have given the exam this season, a few questions have been tough to crack but the real reason for their tough character is possibly because they never...
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Sanchit04421 hi.....so we all have received calls from PROMETRIC. But .... 15 Dec '10.
akhi1991 @canis.majoris87 where to mail... 01 Nov '12.
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CAT Centre, Date and Slot: Thakur College , Mumbai , 9th Nov Morning
1) How many attempts you have made?
OA : 50
VA : 19
QA : 18
DI : 13 ( Bohat jhol-jhapata in the questions bhai, one set definitely wrong)
2) Your last mock score? If you are there at http://www.pagalguy.com/fo...
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Speculation has is own fun
@OA 320 I m feeling uncomfortable..FMS is turning out to be Gods vs Humans saga ( just check the polls)
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It looks like TCY is putting sectional cut offs on basis of ideal score..if 82+ will be 50th percentile for RC then this is the country of supergenius english Professors
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My attempts :
VA - 21
LR - 23
QA - 13
DI - 20
Difficulty level is subjective thing to comment on, but I believe that Cut-offs will hover around the same level as previous year
Call me luddite opposing Computers but PBT rocks..giving JMET was a great relief after CAT Melodrama
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