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@abhi.iimb :is there any facebook page for iim b ? or will we have one only after the results are out?
BoringJob Not sure. You can check the experiences thread to see if .... 25 Mar.
BoringJob No, it's usually not announced beforehand.You can start c.... 25 Mar.
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feb-3 last date of submission right ? n what about the time??
BoringJob Dude, just check the previous post.. 02 Feb.
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in my iim b sop can i use capital letters to highlight some of the awards that i got. for example, I received THE BEST ARTIST award from XYZ. pl reply
BoringJob You can use Italics for such award titles. Capital letter.... 01 Feb.
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For the reference section, is it compulsory that the referees have to be from my work/academic field??
BoringJob There is no mandatory requirement regarding the source of.... 31 Jan.
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Do we need reference letters besides the online references??
BoringJob No. 31 Jan.
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Hi, In my CAT application, I have given my 10th and 12th percentages as 90.40 (actual 90.36) and 93.80 (93.75). I have rounded it off. Will that be a problem in IIMB?
BoringJob Nope. It shouldn't.. 31 Jan.
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Guys, I feel it is high time we start discussing about our Interview Preparation
It is an IIM Interview. It is a one-time opportunity and by fact, the 'best' opportunity which we can get. So Lets make the complete use of it.
I guess we need to groom ourself in the following areas,
1. Co...
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BoringJob My 2 paise 1. Practice, practice and more practice. It's.... 30 Jan.
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My final exams time table has been declared and the exam date clashes with my interview date -_- is it possible to get it changed in any case...? I feel like whole year of hard work wasted. even no flight scheduling is making up for the loss.
Centre is New Delhi
BoringJob Your case is genuine and there shouldn't be an issue in g.... 30 Jan.
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How strict is the word limit for the SOP?? I mean its kinda difficult to wrap it all up in just 600 words...
BoringJob It isn't that difficult. Candidates have managed to do it.... 27 Jan.
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Hello Puys... I gave reference of my professor, and he has received the questionnaire, but he is out of station for next 15 days and he told me that he cannot access the college email. Now I want to give the reference of other professor. Can I remove and add details of new reference ?
BoringJob @SarayuSheshadri 'Sir' [:P]. 26 Jan.