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Did i miss the party?:sleepy:
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I read so many people saying that they did so and so as extra curricular activities. Though they are all very fantastic, a pessimist in me kicks in...
How will the B-School know whether i am bluffing? Do they require me to submit some certificates etc. or is it just my word against my personal...
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my friends arent talking to me since i took them for No Entry
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Now this has to be put in "Beleive it or not" thingy... You know i was eagerly awaiting the Hyderabad meet from a long long time since i missed last time. But wait the story gets interesting here.
I am currently working in Bangalore where pg is banned (ya.. my co...
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Has anybody read Jack Welch's - Winning? Heard great reviews, and am planning to buy... now when i spend some 300+ bucks that too on a book, it better be good especially with all my phobias towards books
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Had the ill fate of watching this movie on the very first day along with the family... Heres the gist of the movie..
First half --> Cleavage cleavage and some more of cleavage!!
second half --> forced "patriotism"
The only good thing about the movie was the phirang who plays aamir's frie...
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Yappi buthdai monil :splat:
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Now that is new... anyways nice idea of using Google Earth ... But i found that they havent put much time on India man... for starters, they have mispelled Secunderabad to Sikandarabad and also was not able to find Taj (atleast clearly) as some other monuments... Hope that it incorporates buildin...
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Where are we supposed to check? i disabled javascripting and still didnt find the link to the video... anyways i am not able to see the clip even in the browser cos of low speed connection. It shows ... "buffering 5%" and thats that.
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wow, hughes was ranked 23 in 2004... deos anybody here have any idea where it stands after it was taken over by Flextronics? Any Flextronics guys here?