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i hv read somewhere that kaplan practice tests underinflates score by 50-100 points..what does that mean? i got 690, so underinflation means my score will be 50-100 points less than 690? please help me understand tge meaning of underinflated score..
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bodhisat it might be like: your preparation got improved after you.... 3d.
bodhisat hope your next GMATPrep mock score will reflect your impr.... 3d.
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im at beginner level for gmat prep. I gave one free mock at Manhattan website n scored 620. plz advice me how much accurate n trust-able this score is? i have done some more preparations and i want to keep a check on my improvement. so plz advice me which mock test can be trusted? i have heard ka...
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bodhisat GMATPrep is the most trusted mock; Manhattan mocks (and G.... 3d.
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Hie, M Harsh Arya , Final year student of B.C.AWilling to get in to stanford business school .Totally fresher , dont know about GMAT and the procedure to get in to these B-Schools .Please help me to know about the GMAT and the procedure to get in to stanford.I just want to go there .
bodhisat www.mba.com/global/the-gmat-exam.aspx... www.gsb.stanford.... 7d.
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Can a fresher after btech do MBA in us in good college .. Plz help me
bodhisat well, most of the good US b-schools (top 10 and beyond) r.... 12 Apr.
bodhisat afaik...any university in USA providing 'MBA' degree requ.... 13 Apr.
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Hi everyone.
I am a 2014 passout, planning to give my first GMAT attempt this year.
10th- 94.6
12th- 89.5
College- 68.2% (Till 7th Sem)
Currently undergoing a Big Data internship project @ IBM.
Placed in Deloitte Consulting as a Consultant in Enterprise Risk Service...
bodhisat generally no.... 12 Apr.
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Hi GuysI am preparing for gmat. My profile is as stated below:Xth (ICSE): 81%XIIth(CBSE): 83%B.tech in CSE(KIIT University): 9.2(cgpa)22 months experience in an IT company. Working in financial services domain.Recevived certificates and awards in office for innovation.
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Anybody knows a current IIFT-D student in person ?? Need to clarify some doubts regarding people in the current batch with more than 40 months of experience . I believe squib is from IIFT- K !?!
bodhisat I believe @Squib is from IIFT-D.... 12 Apr.
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Have been preparing for my GMAT. Which mock tests are closest to the real GMAT?
bodhisat @sidewinders21 ManhattanGMAT, GMAT Club, Veritas Prep m.... 11 Apr.
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When I came to know of the new IIMs in 2009, like most of the others IIM alumni, I too was unhappy with the government's enthusiasm for opening up new institutions and hoping that sticking an 'IIM' or 'IIT' brand on it will take care of institution building. Since then, I have heard a lot of people ridiculing the new IIMs, un...
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bodhisat @Nithyashri --- very thoughtful input...all the points a.... 11 Apr.
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Hi Guys,
I was preparing to give GMAT in mid july this year. My profile is as stated below.
Xth CBSE board : 69.8 %.
XIIth CBSE board : 64.0 %.
BE (Electrical Engg.) : 67.1%
Work exp:
1 year teaching experience in physics to 11th and 12th class students.
1.5 years of experi...
bodhisat you might wanna post your query here... www.pagalguy.com/.... 10 Apr.