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For the United States, Lalita Booth is the homeless to Harvard wonder. The face of hope, a much refined version of the staid rags-to-riches story only this time the riches is not in dollars but in educational degrees. For us here, she makes sense because till a few years ago, she was a teenage-mother, living off scraps an...
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kishoremmf good quote in the end!!!. 04 Dec '11.
Sakshi_Rangroo Vow , such people are an inspiration indeed.....And yes ,.... 07 Dec '11.
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Hundreds of MBA students have just about left or are in the process of leaving Mumbai after having completed their summer internships with some or the other firm. For most, this is their first and only close call with actual 'corporate' experience during the MBA. PaGaLGuY reporters Anjali Mangal, Rozelle Laha and Tendar Tse...
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ThEbmr Hello guys, just for those who don't know, I am Ranjeet P.... 25 Jun '11.
ishu_rungta gonna do my interns ths year in mumbai itself. 22 Aug '11.