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When I asked about whether my DD has reached XIMB, the admission office informed that the "fee receipt" will be sent by post.
Has anybody received that yet?
bhaduriarchit We had got our fee receipt after joining. So incase, you .... 16h.
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Puys. How about using a separate ping (maybe even this one) to discuss any XL random things and to blow off some steam? informal xl vali baatein? we could tag others here and continue :)
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bhaduriarchit :splat: @targetcfa bhai :splat: . 10 Apr.
bhaduriarchit @conquerer1 :clap: .. XL waitlist moves by 1 likhdo :P . 4d.
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Hey seniors..Whats the placement scenario for media and advertising?Do we have any companies visiting the campus with such profiles?
bhaduriarchit @tanyasinghania The placement report will give you a fai.... 6d.
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what are the scope of rm in bfsi and consultancy and what are the companies that comes to recruit in these areas and the package they offer??
bhaduriarchit @sikha.gift Your query has been answered i presume. If y.... 6d.
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This sums it up!
◀▶✕ A B-schooler s Bucket List B-schools are like snowflakes. Why do I make this odd comparison you ask? Well discerning reader, I shall tell you. Think of snowflakes. In all likelihood, they bring to mind images of fun and frolic, vacation days, carefree mucking about...
bhaduriarchit @Prachi_HR The existing faculty will be taking the cours.... 6d.
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A query from my parents
Do we have Guest House or anything of that sorts in the New Campus wherein our parents can stay when they will accompany us for the admission process?
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bhaduriarchit The guest house at the old campus can be requested for ag.... 11 Apr.
bhaduriarchit @BelldCat2012 haha :splat: .. The area near the stati.... 11 Apr.
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Humne bh vote daala
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bhaduriarchit Je baat :splat: . 10 Apr.
bhaduriarchit replied to (10 Apr) - Happy Birthday Ibanez
Happy Birthday bhai.. cheers!
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i checked out career launcher 's test series.. which one shd i buy 6499 or 4999confused.. can any one help meplz
bhaduriarchit @divya210191 Depends on how you can digest and put to be.... 10 Apr.
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Can any one let me know how much time will it take for the refund of booking amount in case we wish to withdraw
bhaduriarchit 2-4 weeks. 10 Apr.