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Just read an article here in PaGaLGuY about why the food security bill doesn't make sense . And its not just this one article ; the internet is getting filled up with many such arguments ever since the bill was passed. Lets look at these arguments one by one:1)Rs 125000-150000 crores! - The alleged cost of implementing the ...
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kenispower yes, author is clearly inspired by the views of communist.... 30 Sep '13.
aspirant_87 @kenispower Dude you have completely lost it! . 30 Sep '13.
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And so I will vote for Modi and not for our cute little Cambridge-educated Baba. Why, you ask? Because for once Rahul Baba is not interested in the post. Not that he is suitable, anyway. On the other hand, Modi looks like a man possessed. For all his fallacies, he lets his work show. To quote from an article,A mere 5 perce...
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suryanshsisodia Okay.. about that Rising debt thing.. debt cant be seen i.... 26 Sep '13.
raghavbadiger I logged in just to like the article! . 27 Sep '13.
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(Photo: Cali4beach) Does one need a classroom coaching programme to prepare for the Common Admissions Test (CAT)? MBA applicants often ask this question on online forums, and even otherwise to their mentors and peers – whether classroom coaching improves CAT preparation better. Or should they instead self-study and maybe...
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vadapaav1892 Thanks @Ish_1406 for the help :D . 26 Mar.
Ish_1406 @vadapaav1892 welcome ...:). 27 Mar.
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@WouldBeCrazy Unlikely. The data on MBS that I provided earlier was handed over to me by the MBS Admissions Director Dr. Heather Spiro, with whom I had my interview.
WouldBeCrazy Ms Spiro is a great lady. I truly respect her. I had an w.... 04 Apr '13.
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Don't be surprised if you are asked to hunt for your job next year. This and some more similar submissions were made at a secret and high-level meeting called by the Ministry of Human Resourcefulness, to discuss the dismal state of placements in b-schools this year. The meeting held in the Capital last week, was ...
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koyal26 i was caught in this crap. 04 Apr '13.
SSG250991 lol...real nice. A very catchy discussion. Good entertain.... 04 Apr '13.
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@batiatus have u got into any IIm or aiming for jbims?
batiatus R U Kidding....My rank is 158...I'm an OMS. 12 Mar '13.
batiatus For verbal, I just practice from Mock CATs.....For GK, I'.... 13 Mar '13.
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@shivacharanudi Yes
batiatus replied to CMAT-2013 @ Exam Analysis and Discussions.
@sammark SHOCKKKKKKKKKKKKK LAGA !!!Total score - 311, Rank - 158........WTF
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@WouldBeCrazy Wait and watch
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Photo Credit: Flickr "We are happy to announce that Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat will be addressing the conference and talking about the Gujarat growth model and its significance to the country!" Till the time, this article draft hit the publishing button; the above lines stole the light from everyth...
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batiatus @RU Educated doesn't mean SANE, RIGHT and worthy of RESPE.... 10 Mar '13.