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can we now know d placement details plz
complete statistics would be really very helpful ;);););)
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Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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vamsi511 Excellent Anna,. 22 Mar '12.
03241a0249 Good Creativity. 25 Mar '12.
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I forgot to take the print out of personal data form.:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
Also the website http://www.iimranchi.ac.in/ is not working
What should i do??? Seniors please help!!!!
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:clap::clap: got shortlisted @ 82.10%ile :clap::clap:
gdpi slot 12/4/2012 - 8.30 am
anyone from Pune in d same slot or same day????
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It wont be wrong to say that this has been one of the most controversial years for securing an admission into a top Indian b-school. It is unbelievable how the Common Admission Test (CAT) has transformed from an unassailable test to one whose credibility is not fully convincing anymore. There was a time when the 'best prepa...
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rudra13 but iims are still the biggest b-schools in india if you .... 05 Dec '13.
Sagar.BG I have 80.00 in 12th. THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IS SCREWED UP.. 05 Dec '13.
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PaGaLGuY caught up with Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 topper Shashank Prabhu for an exclusive chat. Shashank, who is currently pursuing his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, had worked with PaGaLGuY in its editorial team for a year before joining FMS. Incidentally Shashank had also...
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svishw congrats...and All the Best !!!. 03 Apr '12.
priyanka0020 Hi All, Can anybody connect me with concerned person of F.... 12 Aug '12.
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Photo: Alex E Proimos The notification issued by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) about the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT), a few days ago has caught MBA aspirants, b-schools and coaching institutes off-guard. While schools say that they have received no intimation about the new exam, likely c...
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sidsidsid wat is a good score in cmat o ge calls from jbims, gim, k.... 30 Aug '12.
ajats guys look for MYRA School of Business, nice infrastructur.... 12 Sep '13.
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The notification and dates of the Common Management Admissions Test (CMAT), the new MBA entrance exam launched by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE's) are finally public. There are nearly two months to go for the exam, which will be conducted from February 20 to 28, 2012 in two shifts across 61 cities a...
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free_rhythemer0 look down your "guts" are just a few inches from your sig.... 23 Feb '12.
PNCA2A178 I got 213 marks in CMAT.. Rank 3017 Will anybody suggest .... 17 Oct '12.
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My profile:-
X- 65.46% 2002 Maharashtra State Board
XII- 62.50% 2004 Maharashtra State Board
B.E.(2010) from Vis...
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Hello Friends/Seniors,
I gave CAT on 14th Nov Evening slot
Most of the puys in this slot reported it to be tough.:shock:
My Story-
Sec-1:- 11attempts (max 2 wrong):banghead:
Sec-2:- 14attempts (max 3 wrong):banghead:
what %ile score should i expect?:-(
do i stand any chance f...