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will the money be refunded ???
BABA_Pencho @charulkakkar - 2nd May will happen! :mg: . 26m.
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So when and where is the AIPGM happening this year?
It's been an year since MAFIA took away my sleep
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BABA_Pencho @sukita_tapadia - :mg: Janta jawaab chahti hai! :P . 12h.
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So guys!! All set to rock the new role of a B-Schooler? Welcome to the PGP-14 batch!!!! (I hope the shuffling of waitlists are over by now)Yet another year of Admissions is over!The Juniors have become the Seniors. The Seniors have become Alumni. And we have grown even older now.
Some of SPM...
maulik.shah @BABA_Pencho : This legacy will certaily be carry forwar.... 1d.
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Just being educated in politics is not enough. A politician will have to blend that with the devotion and capability to work at the grassroots and produce development and progress. Educated or not, a politician needs to deliver.You learn a lot on the field as a politician, whether from your own people or from farmers, who for...
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BABA_Pencho Let us all not forget that this is an article about the e.... 2d.
BABA_Pencho Just by spending 2 years for a foreign degree in a fancy .... 2d.
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SPM is a pretty decent b-school. Far better than many of those ranked in between top 40-100. then y is it not ranked in any ranking such as pagalguy, etc...
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BABA_Pencho Call it the laxity of the University, or laziness of the .... 3d.
BABA_Pencho @1kunal , @maulik.shah - It's not about the specialit.... 2d.
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"All my life I've been waiting forI've been praying forFor the people to sayThat we don't wanna fight no moreThere will be no more warsAnd our children will playOne day... One day."I hope this new year brings the above words true.Shubho Nababorsho!
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@brixcel bhai Sb pe aao!
The Sacred Ping
No demands for deletion plss
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DeAdLy @brixcel ghonchu :woot: @sabrinakhan sabbo :mg: . 1d.
YouMadFellow @sabrinakhan Kya dialogue maara hai .. waaah waaah ! . 1d.
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they have asked for a character certificate...i did my graduation frm bangalore and its nt possible for me to bak to bangalore at this time...cud i produce d certificate after my gdpi?? and if yes, wud it affect my overall gdpi score?? pls help
BABA_Pencho @hothead007 - Concentrate on your GDPI for now. Everyth.... 13 Mar.
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Well, here is a page I created to share some quality music, crazy bands. Feel free to Like, Follow and Share.
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@BABA_Pencho Sir...i've scored 63.85 percentile in CAT...do i stand any chance for PDPU??
BABA_Pencho @dwijnirvana - Buddy, there is a slight chance. I'd def.... 31 Jan.