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Baaji replied to IMT Ghaziabad 2008-2010 Admissions
Guys can someone tell me the procedure for refund? To whom should we send a mail or letter? What are the details to be enclosed?
Have anyone applied for the refund before? How long did it take for refund?
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Baaji replied to IMT Final Result 2008-10
I have a doubt. Now itseems if we have got a call for any of the courses offered by IMTG, then we are among the top 360 ranks (correct me if i am wrong) as 360 seats are available in IMTG. People from Rank 361 are waitlisted.
Now if a guy offered FT/FIN course withdraws, will the peop...
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Baaji replied to NITIE - 2008 -2010 Results Out!!!
Will there be any 2nd waiting list that will be out??? Just asking out of curiosity...
Baaji replied to XIMB Results out!! Batch of 2007-2009
hi luvvineet_14,
If you don't mind can you let me know your initial waiting list number given by XIMB??
Baaji replied to XIMB Results out!! Batch of 2007-2009
Can anyone please let me know what is the initial WL number of the person who made it to XIMB at the last?? I was at WL 97 initially...
Baaji replied to GMAT Prep Material
I heard that there is something called VIP question paper set for GMAT. Can anyone let me know where can we get those papers or if someone has a soft copy can you please forward it to me.
Baaji replied to XIMB Results out!! Batch of 2007-2009
My waiting list was at 35 for quite a long time and suddenly today the XIMB link says -
Dear Applicant,
This result page is meant only for those who were previously wait listed and who deposited the fees....
Seniors, i have got my DD back as well. Does that mean that i am no more conside...
Baaji replied to XIMB Results out!! Batch of 2007-2009
Any idea of how many seats will be cleared further in the waiting list...
Baaji replied to NUS this year.
Guys i am planning to try for MBA in NUS this year. I want people to share their information on this. I have some doubts -
Is it better to do MBA at NUS rether than doing in INDIA (excluding IIMs and ISB)??
How about the job gaurantee???
Will be it be a hard task hunting for a job??
Baaji replied to NUS MBA(2007-09) Interview Experiences and Beyond
I am planning to take up GMAT this time and i am keen in getting into NUS. Can anyone throw some light on how the job offers are after the course? Is nanyang university better than NUS? If not NUS can i opt for Nanyang?
Is it better to join NUS than doing MBA in INDIA (excluding IIMs...