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CAT 06 - 96.97
CAT 07 - 94.97
CAT 08 - 98.85
CAT 09 - 85.XX ( I cant even remember the exact percentile because its totally absurd)
Slot - 6th dec( 2nd slot)
This was probably my best attempt so far, and would have expected 99+ in normal conditions.
I got 65.XX in QA(that cant ...
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Let us know how it goes for you. ATB!
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ankit9doshi As I had suspected and reported here: http://www.ankit9do.... 05 Mar '10.
ashim455 for all those who feel injustice has been done , instead .... 09 Mar '10.
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Yes, I've already added my slogan there. Here's one more - bit long but nice sarcasm : -
Got 20 percentile last year. Will surely get 100 this year. I knew 55 questions before hand. Managed to solve another 5 in 2 hrs . Phew!
Thank you IIM, for this Cheating Aptitude Test ...ahem... Common...
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CAT 2009 a.k.a. Corrupt Admission Test
Great Luck + Cheating Ability = 100 percentile
We dont need forensic analysis on a dead CAT; just want a fair re-test.
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Hi Pune Puys,
Do we join the Mumbai puys, coz there aren't much people from Pune.
Has any leader been appointed? Preferably someone who is a Maharashtrian native or atleast knows Marathi (which I dont).
I have my emailID updated in the sheet. I can come anywhere in Pune for the protest...
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The IIMs and the HRD ministry have decided to not go down the retest route. CAT 2009 has been the most mismanaged mess of an exam in recent history and yet the IIMs have decided that it would be better to harm a few thousand students than to do the right thing. Right from day one, the complaints have been both loud and di...
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northstar 22nd Jan is not that far .... 31 Dec '09.
anonymous [...] crashing, coordinators behaving like knowledge less.... 01 Apr '10.
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The protest has been decided on next Sunday. Please go through the above posts for more clarity. We're waiting for some positive results from the meetimg of IIM directors that is happening today at Mumbai.
CAT 08 - 98.85
CAT 09 - Confused
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Full article from Times of India Pune, 12 December edition : -
Two IIMs favour pen and paper format
Somdatta Basu | TNN
Kolkata: Days after technical glitches threw the online CAT test out of gear at several centres across the country, two IIMS Calcutta and Bangalore have mooted a p...
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IIMA's director's(Mr. Barua's) decision holds the maximum weightage, if a retest is indeed conducted. (We've mostly seen that except A and to some extent B & C, other IIMs hardly have any say on matters relating to IIM's reputation, CAT admission etc.) Also, HRD minister (Mr. Sibal) is in favor o...
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Till last year you probably wouldn't dream of partying a night before the CAT. However, this year, all you had to do if you were unable to take the CAT because of a hangover, is hit the 'resend' button. One such candidate, Rohit Awasthi who works in the marketing department of PaGaLGuY.com did just that and was promptly give...
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ishugupta If i wud have known this probably i too wud have used my .... 15 Dec '09.
anonymous Frankly, i don't think we should put down the IIMs as mos.... 20 Dec '09.