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@astha_a @adwaitjw @missionCAT13 kahan ho sab log ?? long time no see !
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astha_a @sonvi bas ji... timepass me lage hain... :D . 19 Aug '13.
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@astha_a IDK thread ka kya hua ?
astha_a bas kya bataon... lots of changes going on... and then lo.... 16 Jul '13.
astha_a nahi re... band nahi hai... bas stalled hai for a bit... 17 Jul '13.
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And the closures continue! Bleak!
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(Photo: Bilal Kamoon) Business schools in India continue to want to shut down. This year, the number of technical college closure applications received by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has gone up by 23.9% since last year. Consequently, the number of b-schools being allowed by the regulator to shut d...
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diba_perfect don't they have roads near SP Jain, XLRI, MDI or ISB? or .... 15 Jul '13.
targetcfa ghatiya teachers se nai chalenge . 15 Jul '13.
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Dunno why, but I have this urge of listening to our National Anthem right now!
Would love if you would listen to it too. You know, back in the school, we'd listen and sing it daily. Now, only when we watch a movie in the plex or watch TV on the national holidays, we get to see this wonderful ...
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astha_a After the video with the anthem being sung by disabled ch.... 11 Jul '13.
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Dream of an MBA abroad? It gets dearer by the day!
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Waltz, Belly dance and salsa to the tunes of!!  @adwaitjw    @brixcel    @miseera    @missionCAT13    @dark-phoenix    @AshuIIMA    @fighter21    @pratskool    @CTrupti    @cutie.pie    @sabrinakhan    @nama23madee    @Preeti_L    @ank_mission_IIM    @BABA_Pencho    @emily6    @Nikhlpn    @OFS   ...
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Time for a new theme.... I am in the mood to dance!! :D
Oh well... Bahut aise gaane bane hain dono hindi aur angrezi mein joki dance karne layak hote hain... But even in dance, the salsa, belly dancing and waltz seems to have captured the attention of many Indians...
Let me a...
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CTrupti yaar I miss IDK3..... 07 Nov '13.
miseera :( :( . 07 Nov '13.
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hi all
astha_a please dont spam... townhall is what you are looking for.... 01 Jul '13.
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Elements part 4 (Fire) @brixcel  @adwaitjw  @miseera  @missionCAT13  @economst  (last time) @AshuIIMA  @ank_mission_IIM  @dark-phoenix  @CTrupti  @Preeti_L  @ankitrocks  @pratskool  @nama23madee  @ridds26  @BABA_Pencho  @cutie.pie
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astha_a quite a possibility.. But i promise.. Non repeated themes.... 25 Jun '13.
astha_a @fighter21 sowie! :( . 26 Jun '13.