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@GMPCo2014 Could you please converse with the ADCOM and request them to bring the mysterious case of the blank message to a logical end. i can then peacefully unfollow this thread to avoid the jealousy raised by reading the messages of the admitted candididates. thank you for all your help this...
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anirs ofcours and "everybody" is invited :D . 08 Mar.
rohit170985 @vijaytak1 *you're :P . 09 Mar.
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Puys, don't kill me for this but if you get a blank page after logging in , it means no
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GMPCo2014 "reducing the intake" - there is no confirmation of reduc.... 07 Mar.
Toughluck2009 Well..I really think they could hv made sure to display p.... 07 Mar.
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my page is howing blank...kindly help
Ashok_p6953 i have tried this link as well. but it is still blank.... 05 Mar.
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Location: MumbaiSlot: 9.00 to 1.00No. of people scheduled=9No. of people who showed up = 10One person had her interview scheduled for 4th feb, but came to know about it only when she got the email. It seems the low turn out in the first few days was owing to the gap in communication.
GD topic:...
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happy2015 This happens to you when you refuse to wear specs for an .... 08 Feb.
poojarajaney @happy2015 : Hahaha.. it was either Indian Public System.... 08 Feb.
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What are the turnouts at various locations today ?
satya_66 @KGarg123 ...i dont think so. Let's wait for the results.... 05 Feb.
Quant2006 " @satya_66 ...coz i think the galz have a gender advan.... 05 Feb.
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Guys who are done with GD PI ----> will keep our SoP with them or they will return it to us ???
Ashok_p6953 In my case , Prof has gone through SOP and then given bac.... 05 Feb.
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Guys they have asked for SOP and prof gone through my SOP then he returned the SOP to me... is it same with you as well
mINDoVERmATTER For me, they kept it.. 05 Feb.
Kiki25 for me they kept it but i dont think it matters.. don't w.... 05 Feb.
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Photo Credit: Stuatpillbrow The delight that Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) results were declared almost two weeks earlier was short-lived for at least a few hundred candidates who found their results way-off their expectations. Most of these aspirants claimed to have already dashed out protest letters to Xavier Institut...
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leo12all collect everyone and start trending ShameXL or shameIIM o.... 27 Jan.
abhishek615 guys i have got meager 12 percentile in verbal section wh.... 19 Feb.
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Guys count me as well for our mission 2014.
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The Mumbai Business School has downed shutters When PaGaLGuY visited the Mumbai Business School (MBS) a year ago, it looked like place in a hurry. Situated on the third floor of a commercial building in a suburb in Mumbai, the school was filled with the sound of ongoing carpentry work. Be it in the classrooms or the cor...
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Ashok_p6953 One of my friend gave CAT twice and after that he has ope.... 10 Feb '12.