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I am a current student of DoMS, IIT Madras. Few of my friends have posted their previous experiences(last year's) on their blog and I am posting it here for your your reference. Hope you have a nice time reading.
I also added comments that were on that blog for your benefit.
My IIT...
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Wrong Post.
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Puys from delhi goin by flight please PM me the flight details by which u r travellin...
Actually i'll be catchin plane frm jaipur and almost all flights go via delhi.. So i was thinkin that if i may catch a plane in which some of u may be present in order to avoid travellin alone...
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Hi is there anyone from rajasthan who is plannin to join DoMS.. PM me need to ask few things..
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There is catch over here.. On one page they have mentioned tht if u submit the cancellation form(given in the letter sent by them) by 14th july they will deduct 1000/- and return rest..On other they say tht they will return 50% amt..
so u call them and ask..
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For all the people who want to send the downloaded copy be rest assured. The format is absolutely fine. So if they(IIT people) are willin to accept the downloaded copy then u can use it widout worry..Link is on page 42's last post..
Ill still Fax one copy to vikas as he has given his Fa...
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Hi abt the Reference no...I am not sure whether this no. is unique or not.. So plz others who have got the letters check trhere ref no. and verify whether its same or diff..
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One small query over here.. I will be postin the DD today itself.. Whats the fastest and safest means to send i mean wid a DD and Original rank card..
Also shld we all send the Acceptance form by FAX just in case there is a delay..and post it wid DD simultaneously ..
Reply ASAP..
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Guys i am posting the A02 form that is the acceptance form thru .doc extension.. I managed to create it as it is wid slight irregularities ( as in the alignment of the boxes..) else its the same..
Hope this helps you..
doc file
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The phone no as given on the letter is 044 2257 8038.. dunno whether its admission query no. or not.
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