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Congrads CHUCK !!!
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Smiling tears, I agree with thee
F word is cheesy and used many a time inappropriately,
Come on, Had You scored my Score in CAT,
You would ve used the F word straight from thy heart
F word comes for free
For the soul that is frustrated, bruised and pissed
And that seeketh the r...
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Hope Hopen
So What If I lost the war
I aint a warrior, Just an actor
My Stage for the next Act is all set,
To Move on is the best bet..
Will be back preparing VA, QA and DI
Crack the bloody exam before I die
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Post CATastrophe
Lost the battle, lost the war
what the F is this life for?
To Build again my fame & name
I aint F'in game
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True. D'accord. But Plumber, I aint being defensive here. My worry & issue here was the way our news channels work. The way they blow something 'relatively trivial' out of proportion( yeah when we compare it with the ghosts we are facing within. Period. ) and bloody hell these reality shows are p...
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dear mr.plumber..
well i aint a dalit activist. but have u ever gone past the Page 3 in the news papers u read?? or for that matter ever been to a village?
Trust me dude. I am not India bashing here. But do u have any idea of how much discrimination we have in our own society?!!! And u do n...
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Hey Chuck, I think We Indians are the worst racists. To be honest, All these 24 hour News Channels need to look 'inward' and realise that we have as much dirt to clean up in our own backyard.. We have the worst forms of racism.We still have so many villages in India where the lower castes still c...
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A Hard Day's Night ...
My recent posts .. One on world cup'07.. other one is a cynical view of the idiot box.
Read and comment .. be my audience ;)
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hey is it a tagline or mission statement?
One mission statement I admire a lot is Coca Colas; it is To have 1% of market share of water!
My suggestion would be to have something like "To ensure every marriage happens in heaven"
think abt it.
Father idea is good :)
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hi neeha, I did go thro! still havent found any insightful info abt the career path..
Guys, If am into retail, what are the different roles in the orgnstn and kindly explain in detail. Right from job of the tea boy to the store manager. How does retail work.
Yeah, I do know the basics of ...