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Students attending an MBA class at Islamia College, SrinagarThe two T's that make most news in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K;), are terrorism and tourism. Almost everything else takes a backseat, unless of course an all-girl band is booed or there is bad weather at Amarnath. No surprises then, that education makes le...
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Aadil.yaqoob I'm from kashmir and this is a great Initiative by Pagal.... 28 May '13.
Ya-sir tx to Ms. D'souza. 09 Jun '13.
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So like I said, follow Kaushik here.Me, you can always follow here, and see the rest of my comics here.
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poojalapasia @chuck_gopal I do want to try a hand at FMCG sales but th.... 03 May '13.
EyetoEye @chuck_gopal Awsum...post! but like @poojalapasia quer.... 17 Sep '13.
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@Kathiravan.J hi! i was looking at the specializations offered at IIFT, dey have finance,marketing, trade, IT, general management. dere was no mention of operations. do u hv ny idea whether dey offer specialization in operations or not??
ArpitKul @all, A few corrections. Hope this will explain the Major.... 19 Apr '13.
ArpitKul As long as there is a minimum no. of students interesting.... 19 Apr '13.
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is the FB group only for the candidates who have converted or can the waitlisted people also join it?http://www.facebook.com/groups/622004217813357/
ArpitKul WL guys can join  www.facebook.com/groups/10670006950173.... 17 Apr '13.
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i got selected into iift delhi i came to know that every college has tie up with some special identified branches for iift delhi it is NCERT sbi branch but i am non local so can i go and apply for loan in delhi branch but i am not from delhi
ArpitKul For the loan, every person who does not have an SBI accnt.... 17 Apr '13.
ArpitKul Once you apply for the loan and it is sanctioned, you can.... 17 Apr '13.
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Hello friends
I have a delhi convert at 51.167 in General category. Will be going for L though. Thankful to all puys for all kinds of support. Wait list moves by 1. Hope it helps.
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ArpitKul Just a minor correction, though it won't make much of a d.... 17 Apr '13.
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After reading for around 30 mins. I decided to post some information:
1. I am seriously disappointed the way seniors ( as they claim) are coming and commenting on public forum since the day results have been announced. On the results day a senior (not to name) comes and says I think there will...
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ArpitKul @rokhat Since your 2nd point is directed towards my discu.... 16 Apr '13.
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When can we expect the complete list to be shared, in response to the RTI, consisting of the cumulative score of all the 975 GD-PI shortlists ?
ArpitKul As soon as someone takes the pain of going to the campus,.... 15 Apr '13.
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Puys, i have waitlist no. 115..ne realistic chances of converting kolkata campus??
ArpitKul @pankajkute831) I totally agree with the no. of overlaps .... 15 Apr '13.
ArpitKul @Veteran_5 The trend will not be the same as last year co.... 15 Apr '13.
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Any chance of converting Delhi at waitlist no.35?
ArpitKul @pankajkute83 Bhai,the intention is not to scare anybody..... 15 Apr '13.