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All queries regarding admission to IPE for the 2013-15 session are invited here.Please feel free to use this thread for posting any queries regarding admissions. Response to your queries is guaranteed.
We, the current students of this institute, will try our level best to satisfy all your dou...
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This is the Facebook Group for the students of the academic year 2012-2014. We , the seniors of IPE 2013 batch welcome u all to the IPE family
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Yes I am from Kolkata!!!!
Whatever a MBA school has to offer everything is available here!!!!
You just have to snatch the opportunity here be it co curricular or extra curricular....
Regarding the placement we still dont know the statistics because it has not yet been declared!!!
If y...
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Hello Prospective juniors!!!!
I heard that today your results were declared....
Hope to meet you all soon in the campus!!!!!
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Hello..My name is Arijit Das .I am from the PGDM 2011-2013 batch of IPE.
I guess everything about IPE is good.We have some real quality faculties in our Bschool and they not only make you strong academically but also gives you the practical aspect of how we can implement the same in the corpor...
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Actually I was getting RMM in ITM navi mumbai...they said that my cat percentile was a bit low so thay could not provide me PGDM..I then selected ITM bangalore..It was a mistake..I did not have any idea which campus was good after navi mumbai...
Power management was good..bt I wanted to do PGD...
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Well I might be a loser in front of u all..bt still I would like to ask u all..
First my profile...
X 77.2
XII 73.5
Btech 7.66 Electrical
CAT 68 percentile (doomed )MAT 98 percentile
I converted UPES (Power management), ITM, IPE ,
Still I am left with BIMM and IMDR gd pi......
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chill bro chilll....
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Your MAT score is slightly on the lower side yaar..But still out of these BIMM ,SIES are the best...If U dont have any monitory problem try out Alliance (Be sure u dont take loan) ..IIF is for hardcore finance ..
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Go for ITM BIMM MS Ramaiah....