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arayan01 replied to Feedback regardin Dilip Oak's Coaching 4 GMAT
Its a bull shit place:banghead:.Total wastage of money. Studying in small classroom with 50 -55 students sitting at once.
Faculty is also totally useless not knowing even the basic requirements for GMAT .Most of the faculty comes to take GRE classes & get shared with GMAT batches.Its better to...
Nitz19arg thanks @arayan01 , i was searching for such a review fr.... 28 Nov '13.
arayan01 replied to GMAT 2010 Pune
hi All,
Can you please suggest me some good coaching Institute in Pune for GMAT prep.
Or can you please tell about the various pros & cons of different coaching insti. in pune.
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can u mention your % tile in CAT & how many of u got calls from IIM....
arayan01 replied to GMAT Query Centre
right now i m in final year of B TECH. got placed in TCS . i m thinking of doin my MBA from US. i m thinking of getting a minimum of 3yr work-ex before applying.i m having enough time in my last sem.(only 2 subjects & 1 project).
i m very confused about giving my GMAT (score)exam.
came to ...
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i want to ask how SNAP is different from CAT & other exams in the difficulty level.& among the various institutes covered in this snap test which is the gud1 or how we can differentiate them.???
rit now i m doing engineering 4th yr (ECE)
arayan01 replied to 3 movies you wouldnt mind watching a 1000 times.
the 3 movies i luv to watch any no. o times are..
andaz apna apna :crazyeye:
lord of the rings (all 3)