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mebbe you could post the conversation in this thread also, and also in another similar thread, both of which i have kept track off for sometime
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i havent, what's it about?
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did the meet happen?? i noticed the thread only today
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but someone S N Saha, from admissions office replied to my mail on 7th sunday.. :wow:so now i'm worried,:wow: is there someone with that name there
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@deepu, would you know some one interested in coding on financial models?
hi, tis been long since i added my mite, i was thinking about the NIRMA thing, or for that matter any another entrepreneur grooming institute, and somehow the whole thing really doesn't make much sense to me, in the sens...
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so we don't need to have a venture in mind when joining NIRMA? is itlike they train us, and put us on some existing venture..
If that's the case, you are saying that someone is teaching us "how to be an Entrepreneur"
I mean, if and when you start setting up your venture you would realize ...
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not someone, i think i've met you somewhere.. i strongly believe that to be teh biggest gain from an MBA.. it also provides you some kind of back up security, qualification wise
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first week of june would be great.
Thank you
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hmmm, elecutions and all. don't you think we will end up stressing them too much, hence i suggested the role play thing. Put them in situations most of them have been in so they atleast don't have a problem with the ideas, it then is only about putting those ideas in english.
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Catch you in the airport.