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Is there anyone else who gave the aimcat on 28th and is still not being able to view his/her result?
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Oh no! I'm not satisfied with just one PPI and PPO. NITIE ensures that each and every student gets to utilise these 2 years to get as many PPI's and PPO's as possible.
I've made it my mission to be the one with the max. number by the end of my 2 years. Wish me luck!
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Hey puys.
Posting this from NITIE. Reached 17th evening. Inspite of the terrible weather in Mumbai, in the campus it's much better. But still very humid.
Got a PPI and a PPO within the first hour of reaching campus! Awesome!
Started with the induction programme yesterday evening. Been lo...
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5 days left now before the batch of 2011 starts its journey. Last meets with friends, loved ones going on.
It'll be the first time in the hostel for me, so pretty excited about that. Lots of expectations and apprehensions, but I guess those will be cleared only when we reach there.
I'm a li...
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Off to NITIE.
Had an MDI convert as well.
Fresher, NSIT, Delhi
CAT: 99.64
6 6
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Hey puys, another w/l movement. Have withdrawn my admission from PGPM course.
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On a side note, nice to see someone else with an Asus laptop in India!
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copy that
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yay! my first convert (after fms and xlri )
CAT percentile: 99.64
Workex: NIL
X, XII and Grad marks: 90, 86, 72
Other calls/Converts: IIM-K, MDI
GD/PI performance: GD- Great, PI- Ok
Joining: Waiting for the other results, joining it otherwise....
congrats to eve...
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At the risk of inflaming the topic further, I would like to bring my own viewpoint to this-
1. You're presenting yourself as a person totally unconcerned about the interviews for admission. Attending a GD-PI just because you were in Delhi for a marriage function doesn't show you in very good l...
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