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apocalyptic replied to Official Quant Thread for CAT 2010
THe answer would be a number of type 3X+2
where x is a multiple of 3
So babus share can be 11,20,29 etc
apocalyptic replied to [13-MAY] Happy Birthday 'Mani_23' aka Manpreet
Happy wala bday to you...May you get everything you want !!!!
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apocalyptic replied to [2010] MDI Gurgaon Shortlist out
Works fine for me and NO the results are not out...Lets wait till friday
apocalyptic replied to [2010-2012] SPJIMR GI Experiences
One Query : Do seats for a course remain constant every year or does it change depending upon the number of students who cleared first round ?
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apocalyptic replied to [2010] XLRI PI experiences BM & PMIR
First of all congrats for the awesome placement.
The link says only 60 students for PMIR last year. This year i think there are 120.
Am i correct ?
apocalyptic replied to Great Lakes Admission Results Announced
Does any one have any idea about how many students are being shown the admitted message ?
Also how many seats are there at Great lakes ?
Pardon my ignorance if this is not the right place to ask..but i thot this cud be important for all the waitlisted candidates..
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apocalyptic replied to All I did NOT want to speak about CAT 2009
Lolz this one was funny but u frgt about prometric
Jinhone is balatkari purush ko apna stan diya...stan hota tau sabke pass hai par dena koi nahi chahta
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apocalyptic replied to XLRI-BM & PMIR Call getters 2010-2012 GDPI,Disc...
Can we change d answers after we submit ?
apocalyptic replied to Why HR?
Pardon me if the question is OFF Topic.
XLRI has a course in Personal management and Industrial relations(PMIR).
What is the difference between Personal management and industrial relations ?
apocalyptic replied to most famous movie quotes
This one reminds me of a famous one from LOST(TV series)
There only one begging and one end, Till then it's progress
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