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defn can join mr.pillai's institute.have no doubt abt it.will make u a better person in all aspects.
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i would suggest just read thro the materials given by symbiosis and forget others\previous course and concentrate on each and every subject relevent to that semester.true finance and its related subjects are tough but you arent the single person.any one from non-finance background will face these...
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there are lots of things happening-some are goods and others.....
well i am in scmhrd nashik and she is in scmhrd pune so no way no knowing how ankita is.
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hi every1,
after a long time but it has and really i dont think anyone can stress a person more than what they do here.we have a rule to sleep so sleeping part is taken care of but for all others-these ppl know their job to stress you out.otherwise why would anyone school have a 40 minute brea...
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if anyone want help with regard to SCMHRD 2003-2005,i will do the needful.
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hi all,
i am in scmhrd,nashik for operations.place is good-hills surrounding the campus in all directions and being in the fourth floor provides a enticing picture of the morning sun.
thats the good news.coming to bad news-foundation course starts from monday and lasts for a month.another a...
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fundoo thanks.i am just a copy-paste man-got no biases against any institute.
actually i am nervous abt 3rd june.next 2 yrs and future would prob dawn from that day.
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wrong thread.sorry
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at present,i dont know and i dont think any one would be reachable cause he\she would be doing the 3 months project in various companies.i guess the best place to meet any1 would be on june 3rd in hostel.
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got this mail today.thought it would fit in this thread well.
Times change, but friendships evolve.They can never truly end...
For they are not merely destinations of a passing moment....
But journeys of a lifetime
Pay attention to what you read. After you read this, you will know