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I also saw two centers in New Delhi and couldn't find the address for the Positive Solutions.
If anyone has taken test there then plz give a review.
Plz help its urgent.
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Thanx Sausi007 for your elaborate answer. I will certainly take your tips.
I would still like to know about the course material of Knewton and Veritas.
Thanx again for reply.
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Hi All
I took my GMAT in Sep., 2011 and got 610 (V27, Q46). I am planning to re-take the test by Nov. 20, 2011. I felt that I messed-up with my time management during my last attempt. I believe that I can manage a score of 700+. Now my problem is I have exhausted all the prep material with me....
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Thanks sausi007 for reply.
She surely is going to be a member soon, its just that I m a member n she wanted to have some opinion n options so that she can decide the future course of action early, I posted on her behalf.
She wants to do one year MBA. Any good college which takes admissions ...
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Hi Rutty
I appeared in gmat today . I got 610 . I am a software engineer with 4.5 year of IT experience and 1 year of teaching experience . I want to apply for November 2011 . Can I apply for SPJAT now? so that I can take admission in November , 2011 batch .
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I am posting on behalf of my friend.
She is B.Tech. in Computer Science from Haryana.
She has 4.5 years of IT experience in a Government of India R&D; firm.
She also has 1 year experience of teaching in Engineering college.
She took her GMAT today i.e. 09/09/2011 and got 610.