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great work maverick da!!!
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wel guys.....a few of my friends are in that institute and tha course content is quite gud in every sense and by all means............and placements too are decent enough although they cannot be compared when it comes to top rung institutes ..........cheers!!!
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hi dear ,
thats gr8 initiative from ur side.............can u tell me the cutoff for ppl with 1 tr workex.................
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thanks Snan,
i recently understood this funda of Bonus and i guess Snan puts it in the best ansd thse simplest manner , i agree wid him completely.......even on the front that theoretically and actaually things differ not just by a whimper but A lot.........
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hi Puneet ,
i guess since neither i am a smoker myself nor have i practised social work a lot still i tried
to make people quit smoking by talking to them through Brainstoming sessions, ........
not that i am an Expert at that but i just found it doable enough to carry it on.......
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He guys , i guess i was a bit late in this, still
where can i get to download paper, n can i still submit scores.:)
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hi ppl,
does anyone in need of IMS material ,well mail me at
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Well guys although someone has mentioned it , but i would like to
stress upon it again with a deafening roar because it is a masterpiece of
practical logic.
Believe me guys and just try 'Ayn Rand' -'The Fountainhead'
the other writeups of Ayn Rand are equally intersting
but thi...
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Well guys , i got a first hint of this Quality Interaction in some relation to CAT itself , was
asked by a friend to check up results through the site
and that is how i came to know about it.
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hi guys, good going, by the way is there any such service currently running in Delhi,
i m really interested,