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The most romantic shit i have ever come across....
Boy to his girlfriend who was spinning on her leg "What are you doing ...??"
Girl - " I'm spinning counterclockwise. Each turn robs the planet of angular momentum, slowing its spin the tiniest bit, Lengthening the night, pushing back the ...
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ankitrocks @lalit24 - Good nite :) . 1d.
ankitrocks @virupagla - Namaste :) . 1d.
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Hey guys, need help. IMI or IMT ghazi ? Please help. Way too confused.
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ankitrocks @Nchopra - In that case. All the very best. Study hard a.... 1d.
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Itna sannata kyun hai yahan?
Where are you folks? Wassup these days?
@biswakpl , @anwesa09 , @riteshyaar , @dushyantagarwal & all others.
anwesa09 Abhi toh sab silent mode pe hain. Tum koi nayi baat bataa.... 1d.
dushyantagarwal @ankitrocks I am in Delhi sleeping/working/talking/eatin.... 20h.
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Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich, 2014 UEFA Champions League semifinals: Clash of the titans
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ankitrocks Bring it on!!!! . 6d.
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After chasing my dream for 4 years of a TIER 1 MBA...at last culminates in XLRI...having thru prolonged hrs of disappointment... 100s of mocks...hardwork and what not..something to look forward to...
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ankitrocks congrats @nits2811 :thumbsup: . 6d.
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ankitrocks How art thou @naga25french Sir? . 05 Apr.
ankitrocks @naga25french - Yes Sir. I am good. :) . 07 Apr.
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Many many Happy returns of the day Rohit Sir wassup?
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This video always brings smile on my face
Woh Din - A tribute to the 90 s|| EmotionalFulls YouTube
HARII Wish I have time a machine to go back to those days No wo.... 05 Apr.
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Hi All .....Need ur advice and suggestions !!
At present i hv 2 yrs 8 months of exp in TCS .Gave CAT 13 for the first time n scored 80.82. Got D band as they released me during March in the name of cost cutting.Previous band was C. Now on bench from one month.Not worked in any particular tec...
ggaurav86 I will suggest joining MBA this year as next year you wil.... 7d.
vampgm dude, with hands-on experience of 1 year at a premier B S.... 6d.
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Main TCS 2 years se pahle quit kar raha hun to mughe sirf 50,000 hi dena yoga na ya kuch aur bhi.
ankitrocks Jaise aapki shraddha! . 05 Apr.