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Mr Saibal Chattopadhyay The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta's new director Saibal Chattopadhyay says he has two primary tasks up his sleeve. One, to get rid of the halo that has been built around the IIMs over the years and the other to change the curriculum of his b-school. “There is huge halo around the IIMs, it ...
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Abir1103 @acechaudhary if he stops considering the RESERVATION the.... 11 Jun '13.
rav40 @clxlfms nice said bro..... 16 Jun '13.
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@Ignicion2013 - Hi, I have my last month payslip and the experience letter stating my joining and relieving dates..Will that suffice?? I do not have access to my first payslip & joining letter now...will the last payslip and experience letter work since they state what is required,right?Kindly ad...
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@Ignicion2013 hi! I have an IIML PGP call but I'm abroad and my interview is on 23rd feb in Delhi...can i get it postponed?if yes, how?! plz help!!
Ignicion2013 Hi, Kindly check you Inbox. Regards, Team Ignicion. 18 Jan '13.
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Hi, I have a PGP call from IIML..but I'm abroad and will not be able to come back by my gd-pi date i.e.23rd feb..Is there a way IIML can reschedule my gd-pi??worst case- in any other city??? Please reply..guys from IIML???
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Satish Chandra Buriuly, student, IIM Ranchi class of 2012 You could call this a different kind of 'rags to riches' story. Only, there were no rags and there are no riches either. Satish Chandra Buriuly's story is about how a commonplace person from a tribal area in India can start making it big and compete with the rest...
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GunajitMazumdar this story will motivate those students who has high goal.... 18 May '12.
tani90 A brilliant example of how any one can do it. A salute to.... 23 May '12.
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Hello Sir,
I had applied to ISB for Co2013 in R2. Could not get an interview invite.
How can i apply for a feedback on my application??
Please revert soon!
Thanks in advance Sir.
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I had submitted my app on 31st Jan..I'm yet to hear from them..No communication whatsoever..its close to 2 mnths nw!! :sneaky::sneaky:
Is it same for some of fellow puys??!
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1) Request you to please put up a poll as to who all be definitely joining, who will not be and others after getting results of other B-Schools...Will help bring a clarity..IS there any Google Doc WL tracker from previous years???
2) I'm WL 11..Overall Rank 272...I have a 3 mn...
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Hi Prince,
What is the next step? People in the confirmed list will be asked to pay a lumpsum? Till when? And then how long does it take for the WL to move for the first time??
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Can any senior please reply to my post above??
Can I expect Delhi campus??